Friday, November 03, 2006

Venkatesh. Chengannur

I met Venkatesh and Masama, his mother (Two Ayappa Pilgrims) in the bus to go to Chengannur in Kerala. One of the last big city before going to Sabarimala.


rajiv© said...

:o) He reminds me of my trips during my younger days ... probably started going around that age ... and went some 7 times in all .... till I lost my faith

There are lots of times I think that I should go back, maybe for the journey, maybe to photograph the long hike ... but then think otherwise ..

Thanks for bringing back some vivid memories, Claude

rajiv© said...

chengannur also happens to be my dad's home town .... though I've lived in bangalore all my life ... so this pilgrimage usually meant a trip to visit relatives back there